Consumers Create & Send Mobile Messages with Personal Images, Audio, Video & Text Using an Online Service from

February 5, 2008

Boston, MA: Skycore ( has today announced an online, multimedia messaging service (MMS) for consumers to create and send special Valentine’s Day messages to the mobile phones of their loved ones. This service enables users to upload the most relevant content from their hard drives and then edit, crop and compose their images, text, audio or video online into a meaningful slideshow. Once satisfied with the online preview, they can then send it to their Valentine’s phone. According to Rich Eicher, co-founder of Skycore, “Creating thoughtful messages can have an immediate and emotional impact on that special person at that special time, especially when received on their mobile phone.”

MMS messaging is basically the multimedia equivalent of the hugely popular SMS (text) messaging. Although consumers can currently send text and pictures phone-to-phone, content is limited to the files stored on their phone. By using Skycore, however, they can select high quality media from their computers and use the editing and cropping tools on their computer and Skycore to optimize the presentation. According to Mr. Eicher, “Whether simple or insightful, humorous or sincere, friendly or intimate, the better the original content the greater the impact it will have.”

Creative uses include:

  • Poetic Valentine (poetry with images or audio MMS)
  • Our Song Valentine (meaningful ringtone)
  • Video Valentine (webcam greeting MMS)
  • Intimate Valentine (“I love you” MMS)
  • Humorous Valentine (cartoon or celebrity character MMS)

Content is created, edited, converted and stored online at no charge. There are no subscription charges and no cost to send the first MMS message. After that it costs 20 cents to send an MMS – less than the postage for mailing a traditional valentine card. In addition to the composing tools, Skycore also has publishing and broadcast tools which can be used by artists, content providers and publishers to generate revenue by selling their MMS content for a premium charge.