Use Passbook to promote your Apps

The Update

This update allows you to promote you App on the back of your passes as well as using smart App Links and OS Detection to determine how and whether (or not) to present the material to the user.

promote apps through passbook

Benefits of the Update

Promoting your App: This update allows you to promote your application at the time when your users are most likely to want to download it, when they are already have your pass open.  The promoted application banner appears on the top of the backside of the pass. This is set up to draw the attention of you customers.

OS Detection: The application will automatically detect whether the device using the app has the ability to download the application. If it does not, that user will not be shown the application promotion. For example if your application is only available for iPhones with iOS 7.0 or higher, iPhones with an iOS below 7.0 will not see the banner add.

App Links: The link within the promotional banner for your app will search the device and determine whether or not the application is already installed. The link will direct users based on the information gathered.
• If the application is not been installed on the device, the link will direct users to the appropriate app store page so that they may install the app.
• If the application is already installed on the device, the link, when clicked, will launch the app.

Setting to Add App Promotion

Promote your App through mobile messaging