Mobile isn’t just a great marketing channel in and of itself, it is also a tool that lies at the heart of cross-channel marketing. Mobile can facilitate the transition between multiple online and offline channels while also tracking the success of the transition. When considering a cross channel marketing campaign, especially one covering a wide range of channels, mobile is indispensable. Mobile can take people from offline messages to online promotions to a retail location, while the relationship is maintained and loyalty is measured and rewarded.

Here is an example of how such a cross channel marketing campaign can be carried out on our mobile platform and codeREADr barcode and QR code scanner app.

1. Ads and QR Codes: Engage Users While Tracking Success

You start off by creating compelling advertisements that carry QR codes. QR codes are important for automatically tracking the transition from advertisement to mobile web. Not only that, but you can also use different QR codes on different ads to see which placements and ad variations work best. This is at least one advantage that QR codes have over putting a URL on the advertisement. If you try to create a different URL for every single ad variation and placement you have, you will quickly run out of reasonable URLs to use. When you use a QR code you can have hundreds of imperceptible differences between each QR code but they can still all direct to the same (at least canonically) URL.

2. Scanning QR Codes and Landing Pages: Collecting Data of Success

Once a user scans the QR code they are sent to a mobile landing page, which you can create with our mobile landing page builder. On the landing page you can put third party analytics code so you will be able to see which visitors ultimately convert. When a consumer scans a QR code they immediately provide you with a large amount of data. This data can then be used not only to see which ad creative has the best response, but also which ones end up driving the conversion. The insight which you can garner from the data and the ease with which it can be done is astounding.

Aside from collecting data about the success of the creatives themselves you can also collect data about the location, time and context in which they were seen. When a consumer visits a mobile site they are usually on GPS enabled device. This means you can pinpoint the exact coordinates of their location and then map it to see where your ads are succeeding most. All this data can eventually lead to insight as to which marketing investment has the highest return

3. Customer Lifetime: Loyalty, Reward and Relationship

The conversion should not be a stand-alone event. This is a chance to start a lifetime relationship with the customer. During conversion you can ask for an opt-in in order to maintain the relationship and top of mind awareness. With our platform you can automatically sign up the conversions to existing or new email and SMS/MMS campaigns. Once they are signed up for these campaigns they can receive more promotions and marketing materials to keep engaged with the brand. You can even create and send surveys and quizzes to your customers’ mobile devices in order to get a better understanding of what your customers want or respond to.
Better yet, you can ask them to become members and issue them a digital pass via the mobile marketing platform, which they can have scanned with codeREADr at retail locations. Integrating our platform and the codeREADr app, you can keep track of how much each pass holder is spending. This can then translate into more insight as to which ad placements or converter types end up providing the most return on investment.

As an incentive to hold a membership pass and maintain activity on their account, you can enroll customers in a loyalty program on our platform. This loyalty program rewards the use of digital membership cards while at the same time collecting data about customer purchases and spend. The best part is the simplicity of the implementation, as codeREADr is as simple as scanning the code with any device (including mobile phones) that carries the codeREADr app.

As this outline shows, mobile can do amazing things as a stand-alone channel. But it can do even more amazing things when it is integrated with other marketing channels. You can try a using the our platform and codeREADr mobile marketing platforms for free to get an even better idea of the possibilities of these powerful tools.