Platform Update:

Skycore now offers unlimited SMS & MMS keyword creation for all paid messaging plans!

unlimited keywords for marketing campaigns

Benefits of unlimited sms and mms keywords

Run more campaigns simultaneously or segment existing campaigns
In the past account holders who reached their keyword limit had to either upgrade their account, or restrict the number of campaigns that they were able to run at one time. This update eliminates this dilemma. Now account holders will have a greater capability to simultaneously conduct multiple campaigns or create segmented lists.

Track Call-to-Action effectiveness
By providing paid accounts with unlimited keywords, we have expanded each account holder’s capacity to measure the success of their list building efforts in various ad mediums.

One example of this would be a family style restaurant that asks their customers to opt into a campaign via keyword to receive weekly specials. If this restaurant places ads in commercials, billboards, and even on their menus, with the same keyword, they do not know which mediums best influenced customers to join the campaign. If each medium is given a unique keyword, not only are we able to determine the most effective medium but A/B test to perfect the most effective call-to-action copy on that medium.