It’s that time of year again. People are starting to finalize their New Year’s resolutions. For companies who are planning an MMS campaign in 2013 you may be considering what the optimal image resolution should be for your marketing campaigns.

Creating an MMS campaign is a great way to connect to your customers. The problem is that every customer will not have the same phone. Different phones have different optimal resolutions and filesizes. The team here at Skycore  is often approached by brands and other mobile marketing agencies with the question : What is the optimal size and dimensions of an image when doing an MMS marketing campaign?

We decided to  not just tell you, but show you which resolution appeared best on both the iPhone® and an Android device. We tested ten different common resolutions on both OSes. We found the optimal resolution across all phones (including feature phones) to be 320px wide by 480px tall. We found the optimal resolution across smartphones  to be 480px wide by 720px tall.

Rich Eicher is the president and CEO of Skycore, a Boston based mobile marketing technology company that provides mobile commerce, mobile email and messaging in addition to QR code capabilities. Reach him at

optimizing mms image size for marketing campaigns