SMS Text Survey Questions

A Two-Way Conversation with SMS Text Survey Questions

You can now continue the conversation with your customer by asking follow-up questions based on their response to the previous SMS data collection question. You are able to ask continuous questions after each SMS reply. Follow-up questions are easy to design and the data is stored in the subscriber’s audience manager profile. To set it up, select the “Reply back with an SMS or MMS of your choice” box, then select “reply with a question”. With this update, you are able to ask either a multiple choice or an open-ended follow-up question. You can send out the first SMS question through the message scheduling or automatic responses functions in the campaign manager to get things started.

conduct sms surveys using daisy chains

Benefits of SMS Text Survey Questions

You now have the ability to gather even more specific data from your users by asking follow-up questions after your initial question. Seamlessly continue the dialogue with your customers in a natural conversational setting. Gather more valuable data by asking more than one question to further continue the dialogue. You can also skip asking irrelevant questions by only sending follow-up questions to those who submitted specific answers. With this data, you can get a better understanding of who you are targeting.

SMS data collection also allows you to segment your customers into different lists based on their responses. If you are interested in learning more about SMS data collection or receiving a demo, please send an email request to