Use SMS to Promote your App

The Apps economy has become so large and diverse that your app’s success depends on marketing both online and offline.  Skycore’s Messaging Platform provides the tools to market your app offline through SMS and MMS. Of course offline marketing is not relevant for certain applications and games, but companies with a brick-and-mortar presence or service that are advertised through traditional channels should consider SMS.

Delivering an SMS with a link to your app saves the customer time and energy installing your app.  With an SMS call to action, you can point customers directly to your page in the app store by delivering them a small convenient link with some text. The SMS call to action can be a keyword they text, such as your brand name. This keyword can be advertised anywhere, including in your store or on your marketing material.

You can also use multimedia messages with a link. When composing multimedia messages for your SMS campaign you can easily combine pictures of your app with text. If you have customers information linked to their phone number you can deliver personalized text using dynamic merge tags. For example, if you message a customer using their name, or refer to their interests, they may be more likely to hit the download button.  Using these tools to create effective messages will help increase your download count.

promote apps through sms