March 3, 2009

Mobile Messaging and Scheduling Application to Send SMS Texts, SMS Birthday & Event Reminders, MMS Greeting Cards and Privately Share Mobile Phone Numbers

Skycore LLC today launched a mobile messaging and scheduling application built on Facebook Platform. Skycore’s Mobile Organizer offers Facebook users free texting (SMS) to friends, an MMS Greeting Card Store to send mobile multimedia greetings, a calendar for scheduling text reminders for birthdays & events and the private exchange and storing of friends’ mobile phone numbers.

“Our Mobile Organizer app makes people’s lives easier. We combine really cool multimedia content with an online calendar and messaging tools so that Facebook users can blast fun, timely and relevant messages to friends,” said Rich Eicher, CEO of Skycore LLC, a mobile service provider and developer of the multimedia messaging platform,

The MMS Greeting Card Store features multimedia greetings for birthdays, holidays, entertainment, love and relationships. Each greeting can be personalized with text and sent immediately to the phones of friends and loved ones or scheduled for future delivery. They cost $0.99 each and are billed on the sender’s monthly mobile phone bill.

“Receiving a personal, multimedia greeting card from a friend or loved one can invoke the same emotional response as a paper greeting card. So, we made sending the first two mobile greeting cards free for users to try the service and experience that,” said Mr. Eicher. “The app can even help users restore phone numbers to their new phone. We plan to add even more features for fun and utility,” added Mr. Eicher.

For more information please contact: info(at)skycore(dot)com. Facebook users can find and add the application by visiting Mobile Organizer.

Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Facebook users communicate and share information through the social graph, the network of connections and relationships between people. With more than 175 million active users, Facebook is the fourth- most trafficked website in the United States.

In 2007, Facebook launched Facebook Platform to empower developers and entrepreneurs around the world to make the Web more social for users. Millions of Facebook users return to the site each day, providing unparalleled distribution potential for applications and the opportunity to build a business that is highly relevant to people’s lives.