January 20, 2010

Brands, marketers and content providers can now use Skycore’s multimedia messaging platform, Skycore.com, to send SMS and multimedia content to over 200 countries.

Boston, MA: Skycore has today announced international enterprise quality SMS services through its online, user-facing Skycore.com platform. The announcement covers SMS delivery to over 200 countries and 2-way SMS for 50 countries. There are no contracts, connectivity fees or wait times to launch your services since Skycore.com is available as a managed service.

Brands, marketers and content providers who offer their products and services internationally will be able to use the Skycore.com platform’s array of tools as early Q2 2010. Those tools include:

  • Multimedia Composer Tool (audio, video, images and rich text)
  • Bulk Messaging Tool
  • Ringtone Composer Tool
  • Publishing and Selling Tools

“The Skycore.com platform was launched in November of 2007. It has withstood the rigorous demands of mobile marketers and content providers in the United States and, in those two years, Skycore has fine-tuned the technology and, more importantly, listened very carefully to our customers,” said Rich Eicher, CEO of Skycore LLC.

“As a result, we are not only adding international connectivity but we are also launching a host of exciting new features and services in Q2 2010 – especially those involving mobile commerce and mobile ticketing.”