The Update

We have enhanced the functionality of adding buttons to mobile emails.  You can create special buttons in the email in either a text or upload a button image . You can automatically append the recipients email address to the button link so that it is passed to the page they visit. You can also automatically add the recipient to a new campaign which is more targeted to their interests.

Benefits of the Update

Typing in an email address can be difficult on a mobile device. We therefore enable passing that email address dynamically in the URL string so that the landing page they visit can utilize that information. They could, for example, pre-populate a form field. Brands should be careful and make sure they they own the URLs which they are passing the email address to.

Additionally, segmenting a list based on clicking buttons or links in the email was also a frequent request by clients. For example, confirming attendance to an event or showing interest in something would allow the email sender to know build lists of interests and trigger a different series of email auto responses based on what link is clicked on.

segment marketing email lists