Earlier this week The Economist made the announcement that “QR codes have finally taken off.” While this is something that Skycore has been expecting for years, we are delighted to hear that marketers have begun to integrate them into their campaigns. In Square Deal, The Economist explains that “For marketers, QR codes bridge the gap between offline and online worlds.”

The article emphasizes that more online retailers are using QR codes. This growth tell us that more retail companies are implementing QR code marketing into their overall marketing plans. On the consumer side, smartphone users are scanning QR codes by downloading a QR code reader app. The author writes, “In April nearly 20% of smartphone users in America scanned one, up from 14% in May last year.” As consumers begin to scan QR codes frequently, retailers have an incentive to use them.

Last month Skycore hosted a QR code for an OppenheimerFunds advertisement that was featured in The Economist. When the ad is scanned the consumer is lead to a poll challenging the consumer to “globalize your thinking.”

the economist qr codes

Skycore presents clients with the opportunity to include surveys/polls, videos, images, links and even MCommerce items directly on the landing page when the QR code is scanned. For more information on how you can use QR codes in your marketing or MCommerce campaigns visit our QR code features page.

For the full article in The Economist visit Square Deal or just scan the QR code above.

globalize your thinking with oppenheimer funds
globalize your thinking with oppenheimer funds