One of the great features of a mobile wallet is that the stored Passes can be updated after they are installed. Additionally, when the Pass is updated, the brand can notify the user of the update in a format similar to a Push Notification. When we update a Pass, the wallet compares the existing data to the new data and if something has changed, it will show a message to inform the user of this change. If you want to provide a custom message regarding the change, you can add customized text to the updated Pass.

Skycore has the capability to define the icon and what this notification text says to the end user. We call these ‘Push Update Notifications” because they are update notifications that display similar to Push Notifications. Previously, when a pass was updated with Skycore’s API, the device would prompt the user of the update; however, the brand could not define exactly what was said in the update notification. Now, brands can write their own informational messages about the update and it will be displayed as a push notification based on the wallet settings.

How a Pass Update Will Look:

Different operating systems will exhibit different behaviors depending on the Wallet App installed on the device.

iOS Update Push Notifications

Typically, an iOS device shows notifications on the lock screen and notifications center and also as an ‘Alert’ or ‘Banner’ on the screen. It could be configured per app from the Settings → Notifications Center on the device (Screenshot to the right).

The actual update notification reads – To our valued customers, we have extended the validity of this coupon. The new expiration date is 12/31/2014. Thank you for choosing Footprint Sneakers. See the example below.

banner and alert notification setting
update notification on lock screen
update notification for banner setting

Android Update Push Notifications

Pass updates on Android with PassWallet installed show update notifications in a little different manner than an iOS device.

android update notification alerts

The Pass Update is Highlighted When the Pass is Opened:

Both Apple Wallet and Androids PassWallet will show the area that was updated highlighted with a circle around it when it is opened for the first time after update.

ios and android updated passes