Our platform is introducing Passbook Student ID for creating digital student identification cards to be installed as .pkpass files in the iPhone Passbook App or the Android PassWallet App.

Students in particular are utilizing mobile wallets to keep track of their money and memberships. Our platform can create Passbook Student ID for students to keep track of their campus responsibilities, and for administrators to keep track of their students.  The passes are located one click away in their mobile wallet, and contain a student’s most unique information. Personalized Digital Student ID cards employ the conveniences of mobile wallets to organize the logistical aspects of college life.

student Id cards for academic institutions

The school-issued Student IDs integrate with existing management systems so the ID becomes an intermediary that displays information to the student from their account.  The front of a digital student ID pass displays general information such as, but not limited to, photo identification, identification number, email address, and class year. The back of the pass can display lengthier information that may be relevant to the student body as a whole such as links to blackboard and campus news, and campus safety numbers.  The administrator can manage Passbook passes to edit content or monitor the number of Pass installation.

The most notable feature is the unique barcode embedded on each pass.  The barcode technology integrates with your existing student management system; each scan corresponds to a particular student account.  Scanning the barcode keeps track of your students’ activity on campus such as purchases at the dining hall, library book checkouts, and class attendance.  Each scan alerts your student database, which then sends the signal to our platform to update the pass.  This technology can be taken one step further to monitor each student’s activity on campus and its correlation to their performance.  Professors and TAs can take attendance using their phones to scan the barcode in class, at office hours, and during tutoring sessions.  This information then translates into accurate quantitative correlations between attendance and GPA.  These faculties improve the monitoring your student’s activity and provide a quantitative measure of your students’ performance.

The IDs also act as an alert system to remind students of library book due dates, test schedules, and campus safety alerts.  Our platform can update each individual ID or all IDs at once.  Your student database can alert our database when a specific date is approaching and translate that information on to the pass.

Upon graduation, the pass can upgrade to an alumni card, which has perks of its own to keep alumni informed on school functions.  The most anticipated feature on an alumni pass is adding a “donate” button to the backfields.  Further engage alumni by adding links to projects happening around campus, and give your alumni the option to donate to a specific project.  Passbook Student IDs offers ample customization to fit the unique culture and needs of each school.

A digital student ID is an ID for students, and a research tool for the administration.   Improve your student’s performance, keep track of student activity, and stay in closer contact with alumni with school issued student identification for mobile phones.