The Update

Skycore has added an “Instant Pass” issuance option into our Mobile Web page builder. You can now distribute a static Passbook® Pass on a Mobile Web Page using this feature.

Benefits from the Update

Benefits from the Update: Serving a Pass from mobile landing page adds a new distribution channel for your coupons and other types of mobile wallet cards. Passes are commonly distributed via apps, email and SMS/MMS. While these methods are ideal for targeting specific audience members with personalized data, there are cases such as couponing where issuing a Pass with a coupon code does not require the user to submit their contact info. These mobile web pages can be triggered by QR codes or NFC Smart Posters. Skycore’s tracking URLs enable marketers to update the coupon offer as needed without changing the QR code or Smart Poster signage.

redeem coupons and distribute static passes instantly