The Update

We have updated our HTML passes to display three buttons beneath the pass. These buttons will:

1) Display relevant map locations
2) Flip the pass over to show the back of the pass
3) Create bookmarks within the phone’s web browser

Benefits of the Update

Each button provides a unique benefit to the user experience.

  • Map Button – The Map Button will appear only when relevant location data has been imported into the pass. The map will appear and show an interactive map containing all of the relevant locations that have been imported into the pass. We may extend this in the future to contain directions or other useful services.
  • Flip Button – The Flip Button will turn the HTML preview of the pass over and display the back of the pass. This button provides a clear indication of how to access the back of the pass for those unfamiliar with Passbook’s (i) button in the lower right corner.
  • Bookmark Button – The Bookmark Button will bookmark the HTML page so that users can easily gain access to their passes again from their web browser. This feature is specifically targeted to benefit those whose phones do not already have an application which can access .pkpass file types such as Passbook or PassWallet.

This update improves the customer experience in general and we expect it to increase the redemption rate of HTML5 Passes by providing useful tools to save, map and view the Pass.

Passbook button examples