Passbook API for Personalizing Passes

The Update

Earlier this month Skycore announced a feature update to our Passbook® Pass Template Builder that allows you to import personalized card data from a CSV file. Today we are pleased to announce that we have extended this personalized card functionality to include an API. You can now use the API to add, update or delete personalized data for each card as well as generate the Pass and send it through Email, MMS, App or Mobile Web.

customizing passes during delivery for api data import

Benefits of the Update

Similar to importing data for Passbook passes from a CSV file, we now give our account holders the ability to import and update data for Passbook passes through an API. This will enable you to create Passes with individualized content from an external source on demand rather than in a predetermined batch CSV import.

With the API feature our account holders will be able to:
• Add data to a pass to be delivered in the future
• Add data to a pass and send the customized pass immediately
• Update the content on previously delivered and installed passes
• Update the content on passes not yet delivered.
• Delete pass data to stop generation of specific passes anytime
• Generate passes through API and receive them back to download

For questions on how to enable or test this API please visit our Developer API Documentation page.