OLAY and Seventeen Magazine decided to run a campaign allowing readers to enter a Sweepstakes by submitting a picture of a “first” in their life. The short code component of the campaign enabled people who were reading Seventeen Magazine to enter the sweepstakes by submitting their pictures from their mobile phones to a short code. Upon receiving the reader’s picture submission, the platform automatically responds with an MMS text confirming that it has been received. The auto-response instructed the user to an Olay mobile website to learn more. Seventeen Magazine also hosted an alternate form of entry on their website along with the sweepstakes’ terms and conditions. Olay executives reviewed all of the pictures submitted and selected a winner. Olay contacted the winner through their mobile number which they submitted with the picture.


The Technical Challenge was to route all incoming messages with the word “Olay” in either the subject or body to a specific “content bucket” which could be reviewed and also exported.

The Marketing Challenge was to provide the proper guidelines in print so that people would understand how to submit their pictures to a short code through their phone.

The Regulatory Challenge was to ensure that the campaign was compliant with sweepstakes law but also compliant with he Mobile Marketing Association best practices for mobile campaigns and approved by the wireless carriers prior to print production.


The Skycore MMS MO Platform was used to receive messages on shared short code 60856 and display the images in a moderation panel for the account. The Carriers supported were AT&T, Alltel, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Cricket, Boost. One main carrier, T-Mobile did not provide this capability to third parties at the time. Automatic responses were setup to reply automatically after message reception providing information about the sweepstakes and confirming entry. At the end of the campaign an export feature was built so that all images could be zipped and given to the client for local review. The contestants opted in to receive future notifications about the sweepstakes.

The Ad

MMS MO Sweepstakes

The Results

MMS MO Sweepstakes Results