Customize your landing pages further by inserting Facebook social plugins. Drag and drop Facebook plugins including “Like” buttons, “Send” buttons and more to your landing pages.
Connect with your customers in a new way. With this new Facebook integration, customers can interact with landing pages easier. It’s easier to register/sign-in, to make comments and to share with friends. As long as customers are signed into Facebook all these things are done with a click of a button.
Like Button
In addition to email and SMS/MMS campaigns, integrate your mobile marketing tactics with social media. Add a Like button to your landing page. When customers click the Like button they share the content with their friends by it appearing on their friend’s newsfeed with a link back to the URL of your choice.

Send Button
By adding a Send button to your landing page, customers can send content to friends through a private message on Facebook, a post on a Facebook group’s wall, or an email to any email address. The message will include a link to the URL that you specify with a title, image and short description of the link.

Subscribe Button
Add a Subscribe button. Similar to the way a customer can opt-in to your email or SMS/MMS campaign, a customer can subscribe to your public updates on Facebook with a simple click of a button.

Add the option for customers to comment on your mobile site. If the “Post to Facebook” box remains checked users will share with their friends via their newsfeed. After that their friends can Like or comment on the link over their newsfeed. This remains synced. Therefore, comments posted from your mobile page or from Facebook will appear.

Allow customers to sign up for your website with their Facebook account. Adding a Facebook registration feature to your mobile landing page, a pre-filled form with customer’s Facebook information appears in the appropriate boxes. You can ask for additional information and users who do not have a Facebook profile will fill out the same registration form.

Log In Button
Place a Login button on your mobile page. It provides customers a means to sign into your site. Users will then be able to see which of their friends have signed in as their Facebook pictures will appear.

Like Box
Promote your Facebook page with a Like box to your mobile web page. It shows the number of users who currently Like the page including that customer’s friends who Like the page, the recent posts from the page, and customers can like the Facebook page by clicking the Like button without visiting Facebook.

Add the Facepile feature to your mobile web page. Profile pictures of your customer’s friends who have Liked the URL of your choice will appear.