BOSTON, Dec. 4, 2007

Skycore LLC has launched an online, do-it-yourself mobile marketing MMS platform for consumers and enterprises. MMS messaging can include images, audio, text and video, offering new marketing opportunities compared to SMS (text) messaging. Consumer uses include social networking and for-sale-by-owner classifieds. Enterprise uses include delivering pre-sale coupons, point-of-sale coupons, news, product promotions and broadcast messaging of special offers or events.

The online tools are free to use however there is a $0.15 to $0.20 per-MMS charge to send. Users can create and deliver MMS multimedia slide shows to most MMS capable mobile phones. The messages arrive in the recipient’s inbox without needing special software downloads. This is important for the broader audience who are not mobile-savvy but would like to receive multimedia on their new handsets.

Skycore’s platform includes an MMS Composer for uploading, editing, converting and sending MMS content; a Ringtone Composer for cropping, converting and sending audio files; a Publishing tool for promoting content through HTML plug-ins, Mobile URL links and Call-To-Action (CTA) keywords; a Broadcast tool for bulk delivery of SMS and MMS messages; and a Storage MMBox where user’s compositions are stored and scheduled for delivery.

Until recently, only the largest media companies had the financial and technical resources for mobile multimedia marketing. According to Richard Eicher, CEO of Skycore LLC, “Our vision was to build a mobile multimedia platform accessible to everyone, whether the message or the content is user-generated or advertiser-generated, for social networks or for business networks, large and small.”

Skycore blocks attempted mobile spam using a strict “push” and “pull” technology designed to maintain privacy. For broadcasting (“push”), recipients must opt-in. If a consumer or enterprise promotes their content or messaging in print, on TV, radio or their websites, the recipient must specifically request it (“pull”).