The Update now enable you to configure MMS Device Discovery for your campaigns which allow device discovery messages to be triggered only for new handsets added to your list.

 mms device discovery logic for marketing

Benefits of the Update

A Device Discovery Message (DDM) is a short textual MMS message that is sent to the number to discover what the handset type is before sending the actual message. After a handset type is known, the content delivered to that phone can be formatted and optimized. We cache this handset type information in our system and reuse it over the course of your campaign. When sending an MMS to a new opt-in phone number we now enable the campaign owner to customize a DDM text to fit their campaign flow. The DDM is only delivered if the handset has not been detected previously or was detected over 6 months ago. Once the handset is detected, the platform will automatically send future MMS messages that are optimized for that handset.

You are now able to generate your own device discovery message in the SMS/MMS campaign settings and in the MMS API. You can turn the DDM functionality on and off depending on the type of content you are sending. If you are sending simple images then it is probably not necessary. If you are sending video or Passes then it is definitely necessary. The new settings allow you to adjust the: DDMTITLE (Device Discovery Title), DDMTEXT (body of the Device Discovery Message), and the DDMTIMEOUT (time that the actual content will be delayed to wait for the DDM report).