Skycore’s Mobile Marketing Platform helps you target and keep loyal customers through multiple channels. Using mobile QR, Web and Email technology, customers can scan barcodes to see videos and opt-in to receive more videos by email and take polls or surveys.

For example:
  • Video QR Codes: Skycore’s QR codes which can be placed in many locations,  including movie posters, and can link the viewer to a landing page with video trailers.
  • Opt-In: After scanning the QR code and viewing the video, the customer can be given the option to opt-in to a loyalty program. Opting-in will let the customer receive more trailers, exclusive videos, as well as surveys and polls right to their phones through Email or SMS/MMS.
  • Video sharing: After viewing each video, whether through QR scan or email, customers will be given the option to share the videos with friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email.