The Update

Our Wallet marketing platform now includes iBeacon support, allowing account holders to display lock-screen notifications relevant to the location of a Beacon. A Beacon is a Bluetooth enabled device that broadcasts an identifier for other Bluetooth enabled devices to receive. When other Bluetooth enabled devices that have the wallet object (ie Pass) installed are within range of a known Beacon, they will be able to determine their relevancy and display a customized notification. Devices such as an iPad can serve as a Beacon or Beacons can be small key-fob devices where all they do is broadcast their signal.

ibeacon integration and notifications for apple wallet

Benefits of iBeacon Integration

iBeacon notifications are a great promotional tool. They allow account holders to display notifications on the mobile device locks screens at very specific locations where GPS may not be accurate or unavailable to the Wallet application. These notifications can be updated with new and more relevant promotions. Beacons can also vary their broadcast strength so that location can become more targeted or less targeted depending on the situation. For example, instead of targeting 100 meters around a store with typical GPS based relevancy, a store might target shoppers in a particular section of the store with iBeacon technology.