The Update

We have added a Spam Check function to our platform’s email template page. This test will check the content of your email message (not your mail servers reputation) by passing it through Spam Assassin. The spam check is not required was built for your convenience.

Benefits of the Update

Since most mail servers either use Spam Assassin or have a similar spam monitoring technology we believed it would benefit our customers to have a quick and easy way to check the content of their message for issues before beginning their campaign.   The time, money and resources put into creating the content for an email campaign is wasted if it just ends up in a junk mailbox. By performing a spam check on all email templates before scheduling their delivery, you can increase the success of your messaging. While we do not require the Spam Test status to be marked as “passed” before allowing email to be sent out to your list, but we do highly recommend that they are.

Important Note

Our Spam Check requires you to select a campaign to use as the footer of your email. Recipients who are in your Audience List of the campaign you choose will NOT receive these test emails. These emails are sent to a test account and the test account only. Once you have finalized the email, please insert it into an email campaign for it to be delivered to your audience.

Spam Check Function for Email Composer