The Update

The Email Design Tool now supports adding “Background Images” to email templates.  Before this update email templates could only have a colored background.  The background option only allowed you to use a single color to fill the blank background space in emails.  This update allows you to use images with the jpg, png, and gif extensions to serve as the background of the email template.  Adding beautiful images to the background will make your emails more appealing to readers. You can also overlay text, buttons or other images on top of this background.

Benefits of the update

Adding images to your email gives it emotion and substance. The problem is that not all email clients display images by default. Therefore placing any text within your image means that many people will not be able to read it unless they ‘allow images’. The benefit of using background images are that you can still put html, text and buttons in the email over the background image. By doing so the recipient will be able to read your textual message with or without ‘allowing Images’. Placing the image as the background will free up space for your message and other buttons or links. If you have any questions on email backgrounds please visit the Email Help Section for Email Design Tool.

customize email backgrounds with images