Dynamic SMS, MMS, and Email delivery

What the message looks like to the recipient who filled out a web form with data of “Skycore” “Tester” “Custom” for the “First Name”, “Last Name” and “Custom Field” form field, respectively.

customize and personalize dynamic text on an email composer

The Update

We have developed a syntax for dynamically inserting variables into SMS, MMS and email messages. You can dynamically insert any custom variable you create through our landing page web forms, CSV import or API. The only variables that are standardized are the variables for first and last names ($first-name and $last-name, respectively). The syntax is {$variable|default}, so “{$firs-name|Sir}” will show up as “Tom” when the recipient’s name is Tom and “Sir” if there is no name associated with the number or email address.

The Benefit

You can now deliver personalized SMS, MMS and email without having to create a separate message for each one.  The syntax allows for insertion of any variable associated with the phone number or email address, leading to even greater personalized content as more variables are added.

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Responsive email composer with dynamic variable inertion syntax

Creating dynamic variables