BOSTON, MA–(Feb 21, 2013)

Skycore LLC, a leading mobile marketing platform provider, has today launched new tools for dynamically inserting Passbook® Passes into mobile marketing and messaging campaigns.

These tools enable brands, universities and enterprises to extend their reach into the mobile wallet. Administrators use Skycore’s Card creation tool to generate a Pass template and then personalize each Pass with data uploaded as a CSV file or integrated with back-end systems through a secure API.

To deliver Passes, administrators use Skycore’s MMS, email and mobile web tools to create templates for delivering Passes. When an MMS or email is sent or a mobile web page visited, Skycore dynamically generates a personalized Pass on the fly for each recipient.

Additional features

Additional features include disabling Pass downloads after installation, updating Passes after installation and Pass management with reporting.

“Other platform providers can create Passes but few have successfully integrated Pass campaigns with personalized info into the full mobile marketing stack,” said Rich Eicher, Skycore’s CEO. “And even fewer support delivery across iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices along with Pass-like barcodes to feature phones. That’s how we differentiate.”

Skycore partnered with PassWallet for installing Passes on Android and BlackBerry devices and has been delivering barcode IDs to feature phones since 2008. The delivery mechanisms are all fully integrated into MMS, Email and the mobile Web for a seamless, merchant-branded experience.

Skycore’s platform can be white-labeled for marketing and technology companies who want to add Passbook solutions as branded services.

“Companies need providers like Skycore to deliver Passes at scale and use the mobile channels they currently deploy for communicating with customers,” said Eicher. “They need to measure customer acquisition at the campaign level, not just count the number of installs.”

About Skycore

Skycore LLC ( is a mobile value-added service provider (VASP) specializing in mobile multimedia delivery technologies and applications for enterprises, brands and their agencies.