Deliver vCards and iCal files with MMS

You can now deliver vCards(.vcf) and iCalendar(.ical) through both the MMS API as well as through the Campaign Manager User Interface. The process is as simple as adding an image or video using the same structure and flow that you are used to. We have also enabled text to be delivered alongside the iCal/vCard since not every phone supports .vcf and .ical in 2014. You can use this space to provide a fallback/download link to the object until vCard/iCalendar MMS transcoding is available in 2015 and more devices have the capability. Learn more about sharing vCards by MMS here.

Benefits of sending vCards

There are many useful reasons to send contact information via MMS. Often adding contact information to your phone is not quick and easy. Other times it is awkward to ask for it in person from a service provider, and business cards are easily lost. The use cases for vCards is most obvious for businesses who rely on phone calls from their clients. This may be for placing regular orders, emergency contacts, or for any other business conversation that is conducted by phone.

The opportunities that vCards provide is not just for regular consumers, but also those who may come back later or want to provide referrals. Realty is a perfect example of these benefits. Once a customer signs a lease on their apartment, they are unlikely to call their realtor until they need a new place. By having vCards saved to their devices they will be able to quickly and easily find the previous contact information. They will also be able to forward the contact to any friends who are looking for an apartment.

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