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According to recent statistics, offering a daily deal may not yield a significant amount of new loyal customers for your business.

On Thursday August 16 Business News Daily addressed this issue in a post on The article, titled “When Daily Deals Work Best for Small Businesses” offers a realistic view of what to expect from posting a daily deal, and how small businesses can best utilize daily deals.

The post explains that around 43% of respondents claimed that buying a deal would not increase their brand loyalty to a company/business. It went on to explain that a further hindrance is inflicted on businesses offering deals as they are usually not provided with the contact information of the consumers who purchased their deal. For this reason they are unable to approach past consumers with future promotions. While this is not the news that those who use daily deals would want to hear, the article also examines best practices for this type of marketing campaign.

One statistic found that six out of ten consumers said they would purchase a daily deal for a product that they are already using and enjoying. Another statistic found that most consumers have at one point shared a daily deal on a social media site. (70% of consumers claimed to have shared a deal for a restaurant.)

Skycore’s mobile marketing platform provides businesses with the opportunity to create daily deals that are modeled around how consumers shop. Businesses receive QR codes and shortlinks to market daily deals to their consumers. The site also gives businesses the ability to design landing pages and include social media links to like the brand or comment on the deal. Finally, all contact information of consumers are made available to the businesses.

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