CSV Import Column Mapping

The Update

Skycore has added a CSV column mapping feature to its email and SMS/MMS campaign manager tools. The column mapping tool allows you to import a CSV file of data with columns in any order and map them to the appropriate fields. Column Mapping is also supported on the Passbook pass data CSV import feature.

Benefits of the Update

Users no longer need standardized column names when importing or arrange columns in specific orders. You get to define which column of the CSV contains which type of data using the column mapping feature. After that, all the data will be imported into the correct field.

Mobile Wallet Card Data–You can import barcode ID data, field headers and values, and even define email addresses/phone numbers associated with the Passbook pass. Whatever data you import, you can use column mapping to identify which column is associated with which type of data. (See image at the top of the page)

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