Skycore’s SaaS Platform and APIs Now Enable Direct, Secure and Track Enabled Issuance of Pkpasses to iPhones via MMS, Offering a Quick, Seamless Experience for Pass Recipients

BOSTON, MA (May 23, 2013) –  Skycore LLC today announced supporting cross-carrier delivery of Passbook passes to iPhones via MMS. Pass providers can use the company’s SaaS platform and APIs to securely send passes directly to a recipient’s messaging in-box for a quick and seamless installation to their Passbook® app.

“As with SMS, the recipient of an MMS is instantly alerted on their home screen. An MMS pass recipient simply has to tap an image to view and install it. While we also deliver passes via mobile-optimized email and mobile landing pages, MMS is very useful for ‘anywhere, anytime’ delivery,” said Rich Eicher, Skycore’s CEO.

Additional benefits include the ability to monitor both MMS delivery receipts and confirmed installs. This provides data useful for analyzing program effectiveness. Also, if the recipient’s device is not an iPhone, using MMS device detection a special message can be delivered presenting alternatives, such as pass delivery to Passwallet for Android devices.

“A number of clients expressed concerns about relying on just their apps to deliver passes, especially for tickets, coupons, gift cards and IDs. While mobile-optimized email is a good option, MMS is ideal because the recipient instantly knows when they’ve received it, and they don’t need to open their email client to find the pass,” said Eicher.

Skycore currently delivers MMS passes to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon subscribers in the US. Tools available for pass creators include a composer and management console; workflow automation; and pass delivery and update APIs. The platform is offered both as a user-facing and white-labeled service.