The Update

Skycore has added a new feature to its arsenal of mobile marketing tools. You can now create and deliver Passes that will be stored in Apple’s Passbook® and Android’s PassWallet applications.

Benefits from the Update:

Mobile wallets like Passbook and PassWallet give your users the ability to mobily store digital Passes. These Passes can be  used as tickets, cards or other forms of mobile payment that until now would require physical storage space, such as in one’s wallet. 

Create: With our Pass Builder you can create branded passes to be used as IDs, Boarding Passes, Coupons, Event Tickets, Store Cards and other forms of mobile payments. All Passes include a unique barcode so that they may be redeemed. Skycore provides you with the option of which style of barcode you prefer. You can use a QR code, an Aztec code or a PDF barcode.

Deliver: Passes can be delivered with our MMS and Email campaign tools. This will allow you to send out Passes with your campaign messages, and let users opt-in to campaigns to receive Passes. You can also deliver s Pass with our Landing page tool. Here users will gain access a Pass when they scan a QR code using their smart phone.

create passes and deliver landing pages emails and sms