Controlling Email Drip Campaigns

The Update

You can now pause and edit settings of your email drip campaigns.

Benefits of the update

Often when an email campaign is scheduled, customers want the ability to pause or change previous selected settings depending on how the campaign is performing. The Skycore platform now gives users that flexibility. In cases where information needs to be updated in the email or mail merge variables, the pause feature can yield the drip, giving the users time to do the update before resuming the drip. Other instances where this feature is invaluable is: 1. when the users want to change the amount of emails to be sent out per day, 2. change the starting and end time of the drip, 3. change which days of the week the drips should occur.

How does it work

After the drip campaign is successfully scheduled, users can now edit the existing drip settings. The options while editing is the same as the options given during the initial message scheduling setup. (As seen in the screenshots above)

Users can also pause a message scheduling anytime before the completion of the email drip (Status – PENDING). A paused scheduling can be resumed by clicking on the resume button.

Email Drip Cycle
edit scheduled mailing calendar demonstration