Cloud Hosted MM7 API & MM7 VASP Gateway Service

MM7 API Support

We now support an MM7 protocol option on our API interface. This gives Skycore and our partners an end-2-end tool to accept MM7 messages from other carriers, service providers or enterprises. We can then forward the message via MM7 or deliver it directly to a mobile device by MM1. This feature is optional for our enterprise customers but is also deployed as a telecommunications IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) for aggregators or mobile network operators who want a next generation MM7 gateway without the costs of on premise infrastructure or new software.

Enterprise Customer Benefits

Aggregator Portability: Before this update service providers who had ALREADY built an MM7 API would have to update their code to support Skycore HTTP API interface. Today any customer with an existing MM7 connection can now easily port their connection to Skycore (or vice versa) without any code modification. Service Providers and Enterprises with multiple SMS/MMS aggregators, or direct carrier connections, can unify their MM7 routing and provisioning through a single interface. The MM7 interface is connected and certified into nearly all tier-1 US aggregators and tier-1 US carriers (as well as a few international carriers). Delivery of the MMS can be done by either MM7 or MM1 depending on your routing preferences. MM1 delivery can offer significant costs savings and increased throughput on certain network operators where it is available.

Mobile Network Operator Customer Benefits

No Infrastructure or operational costs: Moving your MM7 Gateway into the cloud has many benefits since there are no physical infrastructure or operational costs for maintaining it. As mobile phones support larger files each year and as your MMS traffic spikes with large bulk messaging campaigns you will not need to purchase additional equipment or hire engineers to install, support, monitor, or maintain your A2P MMS gateway infrastructure.

Continuous Improvements: With continuous deployment, your cloud based MMS software will stay up to date and you will never have to buy new licenses or pay annual maintenance fees. Your VAS and business customers will be happy that you’re supporting new file types and file sizes for the latest phones and messaging technologies.

Unlimited Scale: Since the MM7 gateway is hosted in cloud infrastructure we can deploy additional load balanced servers as you grow. Without worrying about file storage or bandwidth limitations in your own data center you can scale your business seamlessly in both MMS throughput and MMS file size demand. In other words, delivering HD video MMS messages at 100 messages per second is no problem.

Simple Provisioning and Reporting: With a web based administrative portal your business team can manage your provisioning and reporting online based on your revenue objectives and not based on whether Network Operations has the time to setup a VPN, short code, or delivery report URL.

MM1 Delivery as MMSC Proxy: As a Network Operator, you do not need to buy a larger MMSC or additional hardware to support delivering additional MMS MT MM7 traffic. Skycore can deliver the messages as your proxy MMSC by MM1 thereby offloading all of the additional network traffic over our public cloud infrastructure. Your existing MMSC would continue to handle MMS MO and P2P MMS traffic without interruption or additional configuration.