The Update

Our mobile web landing page buttons have now been enabled to power “Click to call” functionality. When on a mobile device like iOS, Android, Blackberry and the user clicks the button they will be prompted to call a number.


Benefits of the Update

The click to call option enhances the mobile landing page experience of your customers by providing them with a convenient call to action that brings them one step closer to contacting you directly. Since the button feature can be personalized you will be able to create it with your own branding or lingo as well as place it anywhere on the page. The customer is not required to remember your number or type it in. They simply click the button and your phone number will be populated into their phone, ready for them to click ‘Call’.

Please Note; When the landing page is opened in a mobile web browser, buttons that have been enabled with the click to call function will prompt the user to choose whether or not they wish to call the number provided. When the landing page is viewed from within a QR code scanner application, the phone may automatically dial the number depending on the application.

Android – Direct Dial

phone screen preview of dial page


iphone 4s and blackberry 9900 previews of landing pages