Advertisers Deliver Content to a Prospect’s Cell Phone with Keywords and Links Placed in Print or Web Classifieds

March 5, 2008

Boston, MA: Skycore has today introduced new, online publishing tools for classified & directory advertisers to deliver rich, multimedia slide shows to prospective buyer’s cell phones. Referred to as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), this Skycore “Send-to-Phone” feature enables advertisers to deliver more engaging content than simple text messages since MMS can include images, audio, video and extensive text.

Once an agency, enterprise or consumer creates their slide show, a CTA (Call-To-Action) is automatically generated for each MMS. Advertisers place a “text-to-keyword” CTA in print ads and a link or HTML CTA in web ads so prospective buyers can receive the MMS on their phone. Web viewers can first preview the MMS online, giving the slide show exposure both online and on the phone.

Media placement and selection is at the discretion and cost of the advertiser. However, keywords and links can be added to an unlimited number of newspapers, magazines and websites. No training is required for advertisers to use Skycore’s self-service tools to compose and publish their MMS slide shows.

With Skycore there are no subscription fees and content is created, edited, converted and stored online for advertisers at no charge. Advertisers pay 20 cents for each MMS when sent to a prospect’s phone.

“The best advertising ROI is for those who understand that the mobile experience is immediate and personal. Using this experience to have your contact information on 100 U.S. prospect’s phones for a $20.00 investment seems quite cost effective,” said Rich Eicher, President of Skycore LLC, developers of Skycore.

“A case could be made for enterprises to target new print and online markets, to raise classified budgets and to increase the number of placements – all enhanced with a relatively small investment in mobile marketing,” added Mr. Eicher.

Skycore also has online tools for content providers to offer premium or advertiser-funded content, including syndication and broadcast subscription options. Email