Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) Marketing Emails

The Update

The Email Campaigns Creator now features a tool allowing you to send a carbon copy (CC) and/or a blind carbon copy (BCC) of all emails sent from your email campaigns to a single address.

carbon copy and blind carbon copy address

Benefits of the Update

This update enables you to copy all emails sent from a email campaign to an a CRM system or an archiving system. Sending a carbon copy to your Customer Relationship management email system will allow you to track which emails were delivered to which customers. For compliance reasons, you may also want to copy an internal company system for recording email history.

We advise you to setup a dedicated email address to receive CC or BCC messages. If you send an email to 10,000 addresses, the email address(es) that are CC’d or BCC’d will receive all 10,000 emails that you send out.