The Update

SMS Concatenation now lets SMS hold up to 300 characters.  Normally SMS are limited to roughly 160 characters.  Messages longer than 160 characters are sent as multiple messages.  SMS Concatenation will send these smaller messages with a special flag to combine into one long message on the device.  For billing purposes concatenated messages will be charged as multiple messages.

Benefits of the update

Organization: When an SMS is sent as multiple small messages it has the potential to be sent in the incorrect order.  With this update you can send those longer messages knowing they will be read in the proper order.

More Information: SMS can now hold nearly double the amount of characters than before.  Your messages now have more space allowing you to add crucial content.  Adding more App information and SMS links will help promote your campaign.
How to access this feature: You can schedule SMS through the SMS/MMS Campaign’s “Message Scheduling” tab. Select a date so that the message select window appears.  Choose the SMS tab and create the message with up to 300 characters in the text area.

The message will be received as one long fluid message.

automatic sms concatenation android preview
create sms text using more than 160 characters