Attach a PDF to Email Campaigns

The Update

You can now use our responsive email template builder tool to attach PDF files to email marketing campaigns. There is a new “Attachments” tab in the responsive email builder interface where you can select attachment files from your computer to attach. The attachments can be previewed in the email template preview area. These attachments are attached to every outbound email delivered using this template. If you want to delete the attachment from the email template just select the check box next to the uploaded attachment file.

Click “Browse” to select a PDF file from your computer. The file will now be attached when you save the email template.

pdf email attachment preview

You can preview your responsive email, as well as click on the PDF attachment to see how it works out.

preview of editing a custom email template

The Benefits

Delivering file attachments within an email marketing platform is important in a mobile central world. Marketers often want to provide fill-able forms or print ready presentations that can be viewed offline or provide more information than would be relevant within an email.

You can delete a PDF file by clicking the check box next to the desired attachment.

how to delete a pdf attachment