September 10, 2010

Integrated Web Service Validates Print and Mobile Barcodes in Real-Time

Boston, MA – Skycore LLC today announced the release of its iOS 4-compliant codeREADr app enabling the iPhone® camera to be used as a barcode scanner for secure, real-time validation of print and mobile tickets. Skycore is promoting the app and web services platform ( to ticketing companies, venues and event holders as a way to track attendance, extend ticket selling deadlines and reduce ticket fraud without the high capital expense typically associated with commercial access control scanners and systems.

According to company, event holders can scan and validate data embedded in a ticket’s barcode and track the results for each event using the platform’s integrated web services. Since the data and validation results are transmitted wirelessly in real-time, event holders don’t have to stop ticket sales prior to the event. Instead, they can sell tickets simultaneously with the event and virtually eliminate fraud, claims Skycore.

“The platform is ideal for small and mid-size events, including those at nightclubs, conferences, corporate meetings and exhibitions. What makes the codeREADr platform unique among smart phone scanning applications is its focus on speed, real-time transactions and security,” stated Richard Eicher, CEO and founder of Skycore LLC.

The company asserts the iPhone 4 and 3Gs app for iOS 4 can scan a 2D barcode, read the embedded data, transmit it to codeREADr servers and receive back validation results in as little as 1-2 seconds. App users simply hold the phone’s camera over the barcode to initiate the scan. Although it reads 1D barcodes (UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN8/13, Code 39 and Code 128) as well as open standard 2D barcodes, including QR Codes and Data Matrix codes, the firm highly recommends the use of QR codes for the fastest scan.

The app requires the input of user credentials for security purposes and authenticates by device ID. For speed and security, encrypted data are sent to and from the servers over 3G or Wi-Fi networks without opening a browser.

Developers can use codeREADr’s APIs for managing users, devices, databases and data flow. Third-party ticket providers are actively integrating codeREADr into their services, including such industry veterans as Steve LeVine Entertainment of Scottsdale, AZ and startups like MyTicketUSA of Miami, FL.

“The scanning worked great,” said Ryan Schroeder, IT Director of Steve LeVine Entertainment. “We had lots of comments from people saying how cool it was and how cutting edge, especially because it was on the iPhone 4’s.”

After a 30-day free trial period, plans start at $9.99 per month per active iPhone. Volume discounts are available for event organizers, ticketing companies and service resellers.

“Later this year our roadmap includes apps for the BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems. In fact, the BlackBerry app is already in its trial phase,” added Eicher.

“Over time we envision universal, cross platform ‘readers’ and secure, real-time web services for reading and processing virtually any type of digital object – whether barcodes, images, RFID or NFC and representing anything from payments, coupons and loyalty rewards to tickets and virtual currency. Skycore and our partners are investing in that vision.”