The Update

You can now add social media follow buttons into your email templates!  We’ve included 10 popular social media sites used by businesses and you can select which ones you would like to display in the email.

Benefits of the Update

Simpler Integration:  Previously, to add your company’s social media links into an email you had to manually add them via TEXT/HTML. With this update we have added a simple and beautiful way for you to add multiple social media links to your outbound email. You have the option of placing the social media links anywhere within the email and they will appear as small clickable buttons.  You can also customize the links behind the social buttons have in order to direct the viewer to the applicable account or page.

Build your Followers:  Cross promoting your communication channels is an important part of mobile communication strategies. Your customers communication preferences will change over time and it’s important you not only provide different communication options but let your customers know they exist and make it easy to follow your company with the apps they use.

The new SOCIAL button highlighted

add social media buttons to email templates