The Update

Skycore’s Pass Designer now provides account holders with the option to add Code 128 barcodes into their Apple Wallet pass template. Support for Code128 barcodes is new in iOS9. Code 128 barcodes are 1D barcodes.  Prior to this update account holders had the ability to insert only 2D barcodes such as QR codes, Aztec barcodes, and PDF-417 barcodes into a Passbook pass template.

Benefit of 1D Barcodes

1D barcodes are linear barcodes and although they can hold less data than 2D barcodes there are many legacy systems out there that support 1D barcodes by default. They also support alphanumeric characters which are not typical of most 1D Barcodes. Code 128 barcodes are widely used and therefore this capability enables vendors to use Apple Wallet without having to change their symbology.

1D barcode apple wallet pass