Design Customizable Landing Pages

Design Beautiful Landing Pages

Without any knowledge of HTML, you can design easy-to-navigate pages optimized for mobile. Upload your media to the drag-and-drop interface and customize your page with social media plug-ins, maps, iframes and HTML. You can point a sub-domain at Skycore's servers and the landing pages you create will be served from your sub-domain.

Mobile Video Hosting

Upload videos and easily add them to your landing pages. Skycore will automatically encode any uploaded video file to support phones, tablets, desktops. We ensure that each video is served to the customers device in the best format supported by that device. When the video file is requested, our proprietary device detection technology can select and serve the appropriate video file for the device.

Mobile Video Content Hosting
Embed Surveys, Quizzes and Polls

Embed Surveys, Quizzes and Polls

Add quizzes and surveys to your mobile landing pages to collect opinions from customers and drive customer engagement. Quizzes are made up of multiple choice questions where only one answer can be correct. Surveys can ask open-ended questions and have answers with text, multiple choice, or a Likert scale.