Build Mobile Optimized Web Pages

Mobile Web Page Designer Tool

Create responsive landing pages for your mobile marketing campaigns. Upload your content into the landing page design tool, and drag and drop it into the landing page preview. You can add text, images, video, or custom HTML. Make your landing pages interactive with surveys, polls, and buttons. Create forms to collect customer data, along with their email or phone number.

create mobile landing pages

Collecting Customer Data with Forms

Create forms to collect data from customers. Collect the Phone number and/or Email Address to opt-in a customer to a campaign. Add additional form fields to the Opt-in form to add each customers information to the campaign audience manager. You can export the data collected for each customer via a CSV file.

Promote Applications with Smart Banners

Smart Banners make it easy to promote your Apps. Display a banner containing an icon for your app and a link to the App store. We provide integrated Smart Banner technology for both iOS and Android devices. The page will detect the device's browser and serve the appropriate Smart Banner for that devices App Store.