White Label Platform

Skycore licenses a white label version of our platform to technology vendors, agencies or enterprises who would like to offer our solution under their own brand name. White Label licensees may want to provide their own customers with a self-service or co-managed marketing platform. We provide you with your own branded platform, hosted, and managed by our team. You can pick and choose which specific components make the most sense for your customer base. We also can develop custom components and activate them for your solution. White Label Solutions start at $1500/month.

MMS Composer Widgets

Skycore provides a MMS Composer widget to SMS Platform providers and Email Service Providers for tighter integration. The MMS Composer widget allows these Application Service Providers to embed the MMS Design tools and Transcoding tools into their own work flow. The MMS Composer widget is provided at no additional charge to qualified ASPs.

Private API Integration

Skycore has many Private APIs that are used internally that have not been productized for general use. We can build private APIs for customers who require tighter integration or platform automation. If there is a feature you would like access to contact us.

MMS Gateway

Skycore has built one of the most powerful, high throughput MMS Gateway to connect our systems with aggregators and Carriers around the world. We can expose an MM4 or MM7 interface to either a VASP or Mobile Network Operator. Should you require standardized MMS Gateway connectivity or solutions please contact us for more info.

Sales Support / Engineering

Our experts are your experts. When you require sales support to close a deal or engineering support to integrate with a client, our team is here to help. Once you are reselling our solutions, it is in our best interest to ensure you succeed. We will do what it takes to see that happen.